Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition

We've worked with our partners at Target to produce a Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition, illustrated by Mike Luckas! We've been really happy with Mike's work on the Munchkin comic book, and working with him on the Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition was just as much fun as we hoped!

Munchkin Legends debuted at Target, so this new version brings the game back literally to where it began.

Find out more about the Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition and all our new Guest Artist Editions at – maybe there's a game there that you've missed!


P.S. My thanks to all the great folks at ConnectiCon who made my weekend easy and fun. Thanks to everyone who asked me for an autograph, came to one of my panels, or just stopped to say hi; you're the reason I go to conventions. Special thanks to Erica, Shane, and the whole ConnectiCon team for taking great care of me and making sure I didn't miss my plane.

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