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Our friends at Classic Board Games HQ posted an article called the Top 5 Tips To Destroy Your Friends At Munchkin. We're big fans of winning games of Munchkin, of course, so we wanted to offer a few tips that they missed.

  1. Embrace Death. Dying in Munchkin isn't always a bad thing. You keep your Level, Race, and Class (or whatever attributes are used in your game), followed by getting an entirely new starting hand worth of cards. Many clever Munchkin players have turned mediocre situations into a win just by getting themselves killed. After all, nothing says a Loaded Die has to be used to change the die to a winning roll . . .
  2. Threats are your friend! In the game, that is. "If you don't accept help from Darryll, I won't play this Curse on you!" The best part of threatening to use Curses or Monster Enhancers is that you don't actually need to have any in your hand to get away with it . . .
  3. Read your cards. Read your cards. Just once more for emphasis: Read your cards! Know all the abilities on your Class, Race, Items, and so on. Knowing exactly what your cards let you get away with can very often mean the difference between winning and losing. In Munchkin Steampunk, for example, the Tycoon lets you draw a Treasure once per turn when you go up a level. I can't stress enough how many times I've seen players forget this ability. If you start the game as a Tycoon, that's eight extra Treasures you can draw (more if you fluctuate up and down). Read your cards!

Check out even more advice over at Classic Board Games HQ . . . and post your best winning tips for Munchkin, or any of our games, in our forums!

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