Second-Stage Boosters

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We've gone on record as saying that we almost always treat our Munchkin boosters as "one and done." We had thought that our usual print run of 25,000 boosters (or more!) would be sufficient.

However, "almost always" is not always. Sometimes, it turns out that we're wrong about demand.

So far, eight of our out-of-print (or going-out-of-print-fast) boosters have been repackaged in two collections, Munchkin Holiday Surprise and Munchkin Game Changers. And we did go back for a second printing on Munchkin The Guild when the first printing sold out far more quickly than expected.

Later this year, three more boosters will be getting new life in the form of second printings. I've already revealed on the forums that one of them is Star Munchkin: Space Ships, which will be returning to store shelves this summer. While I'm not quite ready to disclose the names of the other two, I can say that one of them is an old favorite that we've had lots of reprint requests for, and the other is a recent booster that sold out very quickly indeed.

We're also experimenting with a new way to package boosters. Space Ships will be in the new format and at least one of the other two reprints will be as well. It's not as cheap as foil finseal packs for large quantities, so we'll definitely keep using those, but the new format makes smaller print runs cost-effective AND may make some retailers happy in the bargain.

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