My Trips Are So Frequent Now They're Blending Together

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In the past two weeks, I've made three trips for work, culminating last weekend in a great time at WaCon -- thanks to everyone there for a wonderful convention!

Yesterday, I drove from Waco to Dallas, where I'll be most of this week for the Fall Toy Preview, where we get to show off all our secret Munchkin plans to big-time buyers well before y'all have any clue what we're up to. Next week, I head up to the New York Comic Con and, a few days later, out to Atlanta for a family trip combined with a visit to see all our Munchkin games in their natural habitat -- the PSI warehouse. (Unfortunately, this means I have to miss the Ogre launch party -- I was looking forward to seeing many of you there.)

Once I'm back from that trip, I'm home for four whole weeks until . . . well, that would be telling.

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