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I had a family wedding in Atlanta on Saturday, and I've extended my trip so I can spend today visiting our friends at Publisher Services Incorporated, better known as PSI.

Why is this significant? Because these are the folks who ship our Munchkin games (and everything else we print!) to distributors all over the country (countries, actually, since they also ship to Canada). Your local retailer orders the games from those distributors and puts them on their shelves, and then you buy them, and everyone wins!

I've never visited the PSI home office before, so I'm really looking forward to learning some things. And then tomorrow, it's back to Austin and the hard work of making more Munchkin . . . so PSI, and our distributors, and the Friendly Local Game Stores, and you guys all have something to do.


(P.S.: Folks who are going to Essen Spiel this week, be sure to talk to Ross Jepson, Birger Krämer, Leonard Balsera, and Brian Engard about all the exciting things going on at SJ Games!)

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