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Are you going to BoardGameGeek Con? Not if you don't already have a ticket -- it sold out almost as soon as they went on sale. But for those of you lucky enough to have snagged a ticket in advance, you'll get to see a lot of the people who make Munchkin possible, and (thanks to our friends at Funagain Games) you'll be able to buy that piece of Munchkin swag you missed, or maybe a copy of Castellan if you don't already have one. (Or two!)

Sadly, I won't be attending the show itself, although I will be going up to Dallas for a Munchkin summit with Phil, Ross, and Steve on Wednesday, November 20. Plots will be hatched! Eggs will be scrambled! Evil will be fomented! Laughs will be MUAHAHAHAed! And we'll get some work done, too.

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