Flooding In Austin

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If you haven't been reading the Daily Illuminator, you'll want to read the one from November 1.

Fortunately, no one was injured, and the office didn't sustain any damage as far as we can tell. Besides Steve, at least two other staff members have sustained flood damage, one of whom also lives in his neighborhood, so clearly there will be some distractions around here for a while.

In the short term, this shouldn't affect Munchkin at all; just about everything through June of next year is already at print, including a massive number of reprints to make sure store shelves are stocked through the summer. We'll have to figure out how to handle the big projects on Steve's plate while he's working on finding a new place to live and getting it set up, but that's a discussion for down the road. Right now, our biggest concern is making sure his business runs smoothly so that's one thing he doesn't have to worry about.

Thanks to everyone who has already sent good thoughts.

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