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Here's another update:

  • We raised our print order for the 24th printing of Munchkin, because we sold more copies of Munchkin in 2012 than we were planning to print this year. That seemed like a recipe for empty shelves, so we aren't taking any chances.
  • Along those lines, Munchkin Deluxe has performed superbly, selling enough that we're planning to keep it in print when we'd originally intended to let it go after one printing, two at the most. We aren't saying it will be around forever, but for now, it's part of the line.
  • Work proceeds on Munchkin Pathfinder. Golarion is a rich setting and we are taking the time to make sure we're doing it justice. It's going slower than we had expected, but Paizo has been a huge help the whole way (special shoutout to James Jacobs for patiently answering all my stupid questions). This remains my top priority until it's ready for playtest, at which point Lenny and Keith get to take it over while I move on to the next projects. (Doesn't help that I'm moving all this week . . .)
  • The delay on Pathfinder means that we won't have Chez Guild out this summer as we had hoped. We're shooting for this fall.
  • Lenny's getting his toes wet in the design pool; he's done the heavy lifting on two of our fall releases, and contributed ideas and bad jokes for several others (starting last year). Next up, training Keith in the Tao of Munchkin!
  • We're about to start the development work on Munchkin 9 (no, we aren't saying what it is). There's an expansion for at least one non-fantasy Munchkin set scheduled for this year as well. (Plus the Mars Attacks booster for Munchkin Apocalypse being written by SJ himself!) And ideas for Munchkin 10 are already being kicked around . . .
  • Those of you who like Munchkin game accessories are going to be happy this year. We have several that we expect to do very well in your Friendly Local Game Stores.
  • We're hard at work on designing the 2014 schedule. Those of you who have liked the boosters we've done may find some welcome surprises in our planned 2014 boosters. And I'm sending around more emails talking about 2015 and beyond -- which is, frankly, a bit terrifying.
  • And then there's all the stuff I can't talk about yet!

It's an exciting time here at Munchkin HQ, and as always, we have to thank all of you who have bought and played our games. We wouldn't get to keep doing this if y'all weren't out there supporting us the whole way.

(We haven't forgotten about Google Hangouts! There's one I want to do soon; it's just finding the right time among all the other things I have to get done.)

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