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Some travel notes, for those who find this sort of thing interesting:

Last Friday, we were pleased to host Karsten Esser, from our German publisher Pegasus Spiele. Meetings were had, decisions were decided, and secret plans were laid bare (and then promptly covered back up). We've worked with Pegasus for 20 years, which is a VERY long time to maintain this sort of business relationship, and it was a pleasure to be able to show Karsten around the office and around Austin after the many times he and his team have done the same for us at Essen. We look forward to seeing you soon, Karsten!

This week, Munchkin überartist John Kovalic heads on his nearly annual pilgramage to Cork, Ireland, for Warpcon. We predict sunny weather, warm breezes, and the drinking of much Guinness. (Two of those predictions are less likely than the third . . .) Be kind to John*; he's been drawing his arms off for us, and he could use a little pampering.

* Translation: Buy him lots of Guinness.

Finally, I will be out of the office next week, or at least most of it, finishing the last details of my move across town**. I'll be keeping up with email but not a lot else; see y'all in February!\

** Translation: Cleaning the heck out of my old apartment.

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