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Because I know all of you plan your entire year around my appearance schedule [PAUSE FOR MOCKERY], I wanted to let y'all know what the plans are as they stand now.

I will, sadly, not be attending either PAX East or PAX Prime this year. I had to cut down on travel and those two shows were "fun to attend" shows, but not as important for business as some of the others.

I do still plan to be at San Diego Comic Con and Gen Con, and this year for the first time I'm planning to visit PaizoCon as well. I may also sneak over to Gam3rCon while I'm in San Diego, to say hi to those of you who'd rather play games than stand in lines.

There are some other trips that may or may not happen this year (including an overseas trip that I'm VERY excited about), so watch this space for more "Where Is Andrew?" news. Or check out the Conventions We're Attending page!

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