Card Submission Contest Results!

We apologize for the delay in getting this posted; we had hundreds of exceptional entries, and it took us a couple of extra days to pick a winner. This was a hard contest to judge!

Ultimately, our selections boiled down to "Is this a good Munchkin card?" That's hard to define, but includes how the card matched up with existing cards, how easily we could visualize John's artwork for the card, and a nebulous "fun factor" that we won't even attempt to quantify. All of the entries that made the final cut made us say, "Ooh, that's a good card" as soon as we read the description. There were enough of those finalists that we went ahead and picked three Honorable Mentions:

Escape Goat, by Eric Beck
Complete Equipment Set, by Nicholas Vacek
Avatar, by Jens Kleine

The winning entry was Sidekick: Psychic Sidekick, by Patrick Konshak. As his prize, Patrick receives the #1 copy of Munchkin, 19th printing, signed by Steve Jackson, John Kovalic, and Andrew Hackard.

Congratulations to Patrick, Eric, Nicholas, and Jens, and our thanks to everyone who entered the contest!


(Don't forget to look at the Daily Illuminator for lots of news about the 19th printing: today it talks about some of the Munchkin reprints scheduled for the next few months.)

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