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We're getting ready for the GAMA Trade Show in Vegas (April 15 and 16), and so a lot of our attention around the office is focused on getting things ready for that. It'll be the convention (well, trade show) debut of the Munchkin Mascot, and we needed a safe, secure way to ship it. The cardboard box the company sent it in was not going to cut it for long-term use.

As so often happens around here, Richard Kerr came to our rescue, building a foam-padded wood case that's big enough for the mascot and most of its accessories. We can't quite fit the Unnatural Axe in there, so I guess Paul will just have to take it on the plane with him. Thanks, Richard -- the case is awesome!

There are plans afoot to have the mascot appear at summer conventions, so keep your eyes open -- and your camera batteries charged! If you see the mascot this summer, please send us links to your photos online; we'd love to build a page of mascot sightings. We'll get an e-mail address set up in the near future.

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