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In Munchkin, you're a fantasy hero kicking down doors in a dungeon, looking for monsters to bash and Treasures to grab. You level up each time you kill a monster. Be the first player to reach Level 10, and you win! But watch out – other players mights stab you in the back at any moment!

On your turn, you kick down the door by drawing and revealing the top Door card. If it's a monster, you have to fight it! Compare your Level and bonuses against the monster; if your total is bigger, you win! But the other players can play cards to help the monster while you play cards to help yourself . . . the fight isn't over until you decide to Run Away or everyone else admits that you're too strong. And if you want, you can ask someone to help you, but you'll probably have to share the spoils.

If it's not a monster, then you can either Look for Trouble by fighting a monster from your hand or you can Loot the Room by drawing another card that no one sees but you . . . until you play it on them later. Remember to cackle maniacally when you do!

That's the really quick introduction to the game. For more detailed information, check out our 17-card two-player demo set, Marked for Death, or watch Wil Wheaton and his friends (including Steve Jackson!) play Munchkin on Wil's show, TableTop.

Jump start your Munchkin game with the Munchkin Tutorial by Dized! It will walk your group through game setup and several rounds of gameplay. Use your Chrome browser, or download the app to your mobile device.

If you want help keeping everything organized while you play, you can download and print out a free Munchkin playmat!

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